Originally founded in 1947 as English Electric Valve company Ltd. e2v have built a reputation as a world leading designer, developer and manufacturer of electronic subsystems and specialised components. This position was strengthened in 2006 when e2v acquired the Grenoble facility from Atmel and further in 2008 with the acquisition of QP Semiconductor in Santa Clara – focusing on providing replacement parts for diminishing manufacturing sources and end of life products to serve the military, aerospace and high-reliability industries.


  • High-Reliability Microprocessors
  • Broadband Data Converters
  • Magnetoresistive RAM
  • Aftermarket Products


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PC7448 Processors

C7448 bringing advanced processing power to space systems which bring 10x more processing power compared to traditionally flown space processors.

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The new EV12AD550 1.5GSps ADC from e2v supports high dynamic range at 4.5GHz and S-band direct digitization, which enables space systems to avoid costly down conversion requirements.

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