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New Product Introduction

Texas Instruments, a global semiconductor company, is the world's leading designer and supplier of digital signal processing and analog technologies, the engines driving the digitisation of electronics.

TI’s unique combination of comprehensive analog portfolio, application insight and design support help engineers deliver differentiated designs faster and more easily. Customers can do more with TI analog products, from data converters and amplifiers to interface and power management devices to integrated application solutions.

May Product Introductions

  • BQ25898 - I2C Controlled Single Cell 4-A Fast Charger with MaxChargeTM for High Input
  • DRV2624 - Advance ERM/LRA Haptic Driver with Smart Loop & Low Power Consumption
  • DRV2625 - Advanced ERM/LRA Haptic Driver,Smart Loop & Embedded Effects Library
  • INA301 - Overcurrent protection high-speed amplifier with integrated comparator
  • LMK61xx - Ultra-Low Jitter Fixed Freq. Differential Oscillators - 100M00 & 125M00
  • LMX2582 - High Performance, Wideband PLLatinum RF Synthesizer
  • MUX36S08 - MUX36xxx 36-V, Low-Capacitance, Precision, Analog Multiplexers
  • OPA197 - 36-V, Precision, Rail-to-Rail Input Output, Low Offset Voltage Op Amp
  • TAS5720L - Closed Loop I2S Input Amplifier with Power Limiter, PVDDmax of 16.5V
  • TLVx316 - TLVx316 10-MHz, Low-Noise, RRIO, CMOS Operational Amplifier

April Product Introductions

  • DAC7563 - DAC7563T Dual,12-Bit,Low Power with 2.5-V,4ppm/C Internal Ref
  • HDC1080 - HDC1080 Low Power, High Accuracy Digital Humidity Sensor 
  • LDC0851 - LDC0851 Differentially Compensated and Highly Accurate Inductive Switch
  • LM27761 - Low-Noise Regulated Switched Capacitor Voltage Inverter
  • LMX2592 - Wideband Frequency Synthesizer with Integrated VCO
  • OPA191 - Low-Power, Precision, 36-V, e-trim CMOS Amplifier
  • TCAN33x Family - 3.3-V CAN Transceivers
  • TLV2333 - TLVx333 Zero-Drift CMOS Operational Amplifier
  • TPD4E02B04 - TPD4E02B04 4-Channel ESD Protection Diode for USB Type-C
  • TPS62097 - 2-A Step Down Converter with Selectable Switching Frequency
  • TPS62480 - 6A, 5.5Vin, 2-Phase Step-Down Converter
  • TPS7A85 - High-Current (4 A), High-Accuracy (1%), LDO Voltage Regulator

March Product Introductions

  • ADC342x - Quad Channel 12-bit 25 MSPS to 125 MSPS A-D Converter Family
  • ADC344x - Quad Channel 14-bit 25 MSPS to 125 MSPS A-D Converter Family
  • ADS9110 - 18-Bit, 2-MSPS, 15-mW, SAR ADC with multiSPI
  • CSD95377Q4M - Synchronous Buck NexFET™ Power Stage
  • DAC8562T - Dual,16-Bit,Low Power,Voltage-Output DACs with 2.5-V,4ppm/C
  • LMK61E2-156M - Ultra-Low Jitter Fixed Frequency Differential Oscillator - 156M25
  • OPA1622 - SoundPlus™ High-Performance, Low THD+N, Audio Operational Amplifier
  • OPA2625 - High-Bandwidth, Low THD+N, 16-Bit and 18-Bit ADC Drivers
  • TMDS171 - 3.4 Gbps TMDS Retimer
  • TPS62097 - 2-A Step Down Converter with Selectable Switching Frequency
  • TPS7A84 - High-Current (3 A), Low-Noise (4.4 μVRMS), LDO Voltage Regulator  

February Product Introductions

January Product Introductions