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Analog Signal Chain

Analog, Switch, and Multi covers a range of products dedicated to the processing of analog signals.

These products are used across a wide range of instances where analogue signals must be amplified, attenuated, switched, filtered, or otherwise processed into the analogue domain. Applications include audio, visual, video, RADAR, RF and microwave.

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Maxim Integrated

MAX11253 Delta-Sigma ADC

The MAX11253 is a 6-channel, 16-bit delta-sigma ADC that achieves exceptional performance while consuming very low power.

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ON Semiconductor


NCS40x is a high voltage, high resolution, high-side current sense amplifier. It features gain options of 14V/V, 20 V/V, 50V/V, and 100V/V with a maximum ±0.35% gain error over the entire temperature range.

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Silicon Labs

Si8920 current sense amplifier

The Si8920 is a galvanically isolated analog amplifier, which solves challenges of energy consumption and battery life for the world's harshest conditions.

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Maxim Integrated


The MAX30003 is a complete, biopotential, analog front-end solution for wearable applications. It offers high performance for clinical and fitness applications, with ultra-low power for long battery life. The MAX30003 is a single biopotential channel providing ECG waveforms and heart rate detection.

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This monitor IC family features a very wide input voltage range, high accuracy of transfer ratio, small size, low component count, low power consumption, ease of use, and low cost.

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Maxim Integrated


The MAXREFDES82# features a next generation industrial, smart force sensor. Mounted on a quadrant of load cells channeled into a multi-channel, 24-bit ADC, it senses weight and center of mass for objects placed on the platform.

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