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Avnet Silica has supported the commercial avionic market, defence market as well as many of Europe’s key space projects and customers for many years.

We have worked with many customers on key defence and avionic projects and we continue to play an important role in the supply and support chain to this markets.

Whether it is ground based, sea based, avionic or space, wheather is an earth observation satellite, a telecomm or Global Positioning Satellite or even a trip to Mars and beyond Avnet Silica has a wide range of products and expertise to support your needs. We offer the very best in technical and commercial support combined with world class logistics. Space graded parts and other semiconductor products supplied by Avnet Silica can be found in many applications where highest reliability is a must. We are the partner of most of the biggest component suppliers to this markets enabling us to support a complete system level solution to our defence customers.               


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GSI Technolgy


GSI Technology has you covered with leading-edge memory subsystems for your Xilinx 7 Series and Ultrascale designs.

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The new EV12AD550 1.5GSps ADC from e2v supports high dynamic range at 4.5GHz and S-band direct digitization, which enables space systems to avoid costly down conversion requirements.

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Safran Morpho & Trusted Objects


TO136 is the lowest power certified tiny secure element in the market. Coming with a fully customisable personalisation scheme and command-set, starting at the lowest volumes in the industry.

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PC7448 Processors

C7448 bringing advanced processing power to space systems which bring 10x more processing power compared to traditionally flown space processors.

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The ATmegaS128 microcontroller targets many of the most common space applications, which typically require a small footprint, low power and analog control of motors and sensors.

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ISL72026SEH is a radiation tolerant 3.3V CAN transceiver that is compatible with the ISO11898-2 standard for applications calling for Controller Area Network (CAN) serial communication in satellites and aerospace communications and telemetry data processing in harsh industrial environments.

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Rad Hard for Aerospace

By using the latest innovative commercial technologies and adapting them to rad-hard applications requirements, Microchip provides proven solutions, volumes and long-term reliability. With over 3.500 flight model delivered, Microchip’s offering provides the most complete and cost-effective solutions available on the market.

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Compatible with the latest generation chipsets, SATA NANDrive extends Greenliant's portfolio of high performance, fully integrated solid state drives.

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GSI Technology

Sigma Quad SRAMs

GSI's SigmaQuad™ SRAMs are the acknowledged leader in the industry with their combination of capacity and performance. SigmaQuad transaction rates are unequaled by any competitors.

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