Visible Things Starter Kits

To help users get up and running quickly with their IoT project, there are three Visible Things™ reference-design starter kit boards available, each managed by ARM® Cortex® based microcontrollers.

  • A Gateway board, which manages the all the necessary connectivity to the cloud service via Wi-Fi, and a smart sensor board including Bluetooth Smart connectivity and a range of sensors including motion, temperature/humidity and light/proximity. The kit also contains an integrated antenna and a mini-USB cable. A GSM peripheral module with embedded SIM and SIM-connector options is available as an expansion option to the gateway board to enable cellular connectivity up to cloud enterprise software services.
  • The second and third kits are designed for use with the SIGFOX and LoRaWAN networks, and include respective SIGFOX and LoRaWAN module sensors, with each board also integrating additional motion and light sensors. IoT application messages can be exchanged with the cloud service without the need to communicate via a gateway.

Also available in the Visible Things platform is a mobile app that runs on iOS and Android and provides users with easy access to local hardware configuration and also to support connection to cloud services.


Part Number Description Comments
VT-SK-001-A01 Visible Things Starter Kit
  • Bluetooth Smart Sensor Board
  • Gateway Board
  • Antenna
  • Mini USB cable
VT-SS-001-A01 Bluetooth Smart Sensor to connect additional sensors to the gateway
VT-SS-002-BDB LoRaWAN Smart Sensor Includes sensor board with antenna
VT-SS-003-A01 SIGFOX Smart Sensor Includes sensor board with antenna
PMOD-COM-019-A01 3G PMOD Based on Huawei MU709S2
PMOD-COM-021-A01 4G PMOD Based on Huawei ME909


The Starter Kits are now available in our online store. Click below to order and contact our Visible Things team for more information.


Visible Things Product Brief

Visible Things simplifies the complexity of secure edge to enterprise IoT technology. It delivers a complete evaluation and reference platform to connect smart devices right through to the cloud and enterprise software. 

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Visible Things Solutions

Starter Kits

Avnet Silica offers two ready-to-use Starter Kits: The Entry Starter Kit with Bluetooth connectivity and the new Industrial Starter Kit with an Energy Harvesting Environmental Sensor.

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Smart Sensors

We're offering various additional smart sensors that can also be purchased separately, e.g. a LoRaWan Sensor Board, a SigFox Sensor Board or a Energy Harvesting Bluetooth Smart Sensor Board

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As an expansion to the gateway board a GSM PMOD is offered with embedded SIM and SIM connector options. For example a 3G PMOD with eUICC and Vodaphone profile embedded.

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