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Lighting Applications

Downlight Aplications

Downlights are usually recessed into the ceiling, but there are also surface mountable options. They are often used in retail stores as well as in homes, offices and hospitality environments and are widely appreciated for their lighting efficiency as well as for their appealing quality and reliability.

Avnet Silica can provide expertise and a broad product portfolio to help you select the right components for your lighting application. We offer a wide range of high-power LED-based solutions for downlights that help reduce both the financial and ecological impact of your lighting requirements. These include modular systems that are quick to integrate, as well as customized solutions comprised of best-of-breed elements.

Downlight Products

High Bay Applications

High Bay type of lighting is typically used in buildings with a ceiling height of over 7 meters, such as industrial factories and warehouses. Solid-state LED lighting technology is ideal for high bay lighting, helping you to minimize maintenance costs while providing high-quality lighting with long-lived luminaire.

At Avnet Silica, we have many years of experience helping customers resolve the unique challenges of high bay lighting. Alongside a wide range of products, we can help you achieve and implement beam shapes and angles in order to illuminate specific machines or other objects and advise you on critical cost and life-cycle questions.

High Bay Products

Low Bay Applications

Low bay lighting is often used over a wide area – such as industrial buildings, underpasses and underground parking lots – where ceiling height is lower than 7 meters. These environments can sometimes be harsh, so the lighting fixtures often require a high ingress protection (IP) rating to stop dirt and dust getting into the luminaire and shortening their effective lifetime.

Avnet SIlica can advise you on the best and most cost-effective solution for your low bay lighting applications. Our product portfolio includes components and modules that are extremely energy efficient – always an important consideration in low bay lighting that is likely to be on 24/7 – and low maintenance due to the long life-cycle of the luminaire.

Low Bay Products

Outdoor Lighting Applications

Along with good night-time visibility in outdoor areas – such as streets, motorways, public squares and parking lots – a high ingress protection (IP) rating is mandatory. For this type of application, a rating of IP6x is generally required as it ensures that the luminaire is completely dust- and watertight.

For streetlight applications, all our solutions help customers to achieve compliance with the European regulation EN 13201, which includes strict guidelines on homogeneity, minimum levels of illuminance, and glare. We can also advise on solutions that include remote controls to dim lights slightly at specific times while still complying with EN 13201. This helps municipalities to further cut their lighting related energy bills while ensuring safe lighting levels on the streets.

Outdoor Lighting Products

Linear Applications

Linear lighting is widely used for diffused lighting over a wide area, such as offices, educational institutions and areas used by the public like stations or tunnels. As this type of lighting installation is often used over an extensive area, cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency are two additional priorities to be taken into account when selecting lighting systems. Solid-state LED linear lights meet these criteria and enable customers to make significant energy and cost savings compared to traditional fluorescent tubes.

Avnet Silica’s lighting specialists can advise you on the right type of linear lighting tailored to your indoor or outdoor applications, while helping you to minimize upfront and maintenance costs as well as your carbon footprint.

Linear Products

Spotlight Applications

Spotlights are very widespread in retail and commercial environments as well as museums. As one of the purposes of the spotlight is to attract attention to the object on display, it is important to ensure the spotlight has very good color fidelity. For certain applications, a color rendering index (CRI) of 90 or more may be required. This will ensure that colors are rendered optimally for the human eye and that subtle color nuances as well as saturated colors on the object or display are visible – throughout the life span of the spotlight.

Avnet Silica offers multiple SSL spotlight solutions designed for a wide range of different applications. Our engineers can advise you on products and ensure you achieve the right balance between light quality, CRI, energy efficiency and life span.  

Spotlight Products

Task Lighting Applications

Task lights are used to direct a beam of light or a diffuse, low shadow light source onto a specific object or task – especially if it requires higher light levels than surrounding areas, when good vision for safety or precision reasons is required. Task lights are often used in workshops, quality control, industrial environments and offices. SSL LED solutions are an ideal way to ensure an ergonomic working environment, as they emit very little heat, unlike traditional light sources. This is important if the person performing the task is sitting in close proximity to the lamp for extended periods of time. In addition, they are long lasting and extremely cost-effective to run.

Choose from Avnet Silica’s wide range of products ideal for task light solutions – and take advantage of our expert advice on the right type of light for your specific requirements.

Task Lighting Products

Troffer Applications

Troffer light fixtures are overhead, recessed or surface mounted light panels used in larger buildings such as offices and educational institutions. They are widely used due to the high quality of light they produce and to their energy efficiency. As people spend a lot of time in these environments, it is important that the troffer fixtures provide homogeneous and glare-free lighting throughout their life span. SSL troffer lights meet these requirements by not only keeping building maintenance and lighting related energy consumption low, but add further savings as they minimize energy input into the building, hence reducing efforts on air conditioning.

Talk to Avnet Silica’s dedicated lighting group about your specific building lighting needs and we will recommend the SSL troffer solution adapted to your application, while keeping within your budget.

Troffer Lighting Products

  • Lumileds - LUXEON 3535L
  • Lumileds - LUXEON XF-3535L  
  • Seoul Semiconductor - 3020 Series
  • Seoul Semiconductor - 5630 Series
  • Seoul Semiconductor- Acrich2

Wall Pack Applications

Wall pack lighting can be used indoors or outdoors to illuminate dim areas, such as corridors and stairways. With their range of different shapes and compact form factor, they can be used as a practical safety feature or even as an attractive and useful design feature.

Outdoor wall packs are an ideal way to provide limited lighting for a commercial building at night if it is not being used. A set of wall packs around the building can be significantly more economical and eco-friendly than conventional lighting and combined with smart features like presence detection, that will automatically and only turn the light on when it is actually required, savings can be further increased.

Wall Pack Lighting Products

  • Lumileds - LUXEON 3014
  • Lumileds - LUXEON 3535L
  • Seoul Semiconductor - Acrich MJT
  • Seoul Semiconductor - Acrich2

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