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LSR SaBLE-x™ Smart Module

LSR SaBLE-x™ - 2.4 GHz Bluetooth® Smart Module

SaBLE-x is a certified bluetooth Smart module built to deliver unmatched RF and power performance. This module can deliver over twice the signal range of previous generation bluetooth low energy technology, and can operate at nearly 1/3 the average power for a 1 second connection interval when compared to previous bluetooth low energy modules.

Based on the new TI Simple Link bluetooth Smart CC2640 wireless micro controller (MCU), this self-contained module provides unmatched integration, including an ARM Cortex-M3 application processor, an ARM Cortex-M0 processor for the RF core, separate Sensor Processor Engine, FLASH memory, and both high- and low-speed clocks.

Need to communicate directly with a smart phone or connect to the cloud? SaBLE-x also features a suite of software resources that simplify the integration efforts for the embedded developer. Whether your application utilizes an external host processor or leverages the module’s on-board Cortex-M3 processor, SaBLE-x provides tools to accelerate your time-to-market by minimizing the learning curve.


  • Latest silicon technology delivers 7 dBm link margin
  • improvement vs. current bluetooth low energy modules
  • Features ARM Cortex-M3 processor for host applications and an ARM Cortex-M0 dedicated for the RF core
  • Dedicated Sensor Processor for even lower power operation
  • Integrated FLASH memory, bluetooth low energy stack, and high- and low-speed clocks
  • FCC/IC/CE/C-Tick/Giteki Module Certification (pending)
  • Multiple certified antenna options
  • Trace, Dipole, FlexPIFA, and FlexNotch
  • LSR offers in-house certification of additional antennas at little or no cost
  • New LSR Development Tool Suite software creates value through simplification:
  • Serial-to-BLE serial host command set API and source code


  • Sensors
  • Lighting
  • Security
  • Home Automation
  • Sports
  • Fitness

Part Numbers
  • 450-0119C: SaBLE-x, PCB Trace Antenna, CT
  • 450-0119R: SaBLE-x, PCB Trace Antenna, TR
  • 450-0144C: SaBLE-x, EXT Antenna Port, CT
  • 450-0144R: SaBLE-x, EXT Antenna Port, TR
  • 450-0141: SaBLE-x Development Kit
  • 450-0150: SaBLE-x Evaluation Kit