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Texas Instruments ADC3xxx

ADC3xxx – 14 bit, 125 MSPS ADC Family

The ADC3xxx devices are the latest family of pin-compatible ADCs that provide the lowest power and best power-per-performance ADC in its class of 12 and 14b solutions ranging from 25 – 160MSPS.

Features and benefits

  • Provides flexibility and scalability of ADC selection with a family of 32 devices pin-compatible (by interface and channel count; JESD204B or LVDS, 2- or 4-channel)
  • Consumes lower power than previous generation of ADCs at these sampling nodes and resolution by nearly 28mW/ch in the lower sampling node, and about 300mW/ch at the fastest node with JESD interface


  • Industrial Automation
  • Motor Control Feedback
  • Optical Sensing and OTDR
  • Portable Test & Measurement
  • Wireless Communications: Civilian and Government
  • General Purpose Wireless

Block Diagram