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A20737A - 20737 System on Chip Series

The AH850/1/2/3 is a family of low power/micro power linear hall effect sensors with output voltage ratio-metric to supply and magnetic field sense range of +/-400G for battery powered consumer, home appliances and industrial applications.

The high performance AH8501 and AH8503 have trimmed sensitivity accuracy of 3% with a null voltage offset below 1% of supply voltage. Designed for a wide range of applications, they are optimized for the supply range of 1.6V to 3.6V consuming only 8.9uA in sleep mode (AH8500/AH8501) and 13uA in micro power mode (AH8502/AH8503).

The sensors have a ESD rating of 6kV for robustness. For system flexibility the enable pin in the AH8500/1 and CNTRL pin on the the AH8502/3 allow operating modes and sampling rate to minimize current consumption. In default modes, the AH8500/1 are in sleep mode while AH8502/3 operate in micro power mode. The family of sensors are available in the small low profile U-DFN2020-6.

A20737A Features & Benefits

  • 2.4-GHz RF transceiver incorporating Bluetooth SMART technology
  • 1.7 to 3.6V operation
  • Integrated ARM Cortex-M3 based microprocessor core
  • 512-Kbit EEPROM for applications
  • Programmable output power control
  • 18 General Purpose I/O Pins
  • Low Current Consumption (25mA in Rx and 20mA in Tx @3dBm)
  • Excellent receiver sensitivity, -94dBm average in BLE HGM with <1% BER
  • Infrared modulator


  • Industrial controls and monitoring
  • Remote controls
  • Home/building automation
  • Lighting systems
  • Low power wireless sensor networks
  • Consumer electronics
  • Sports monitoring
  • Health & wellness

Block Diagram