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Cypress CYBLE-222014-01

CYBLE-222014-01 - Increases Security, Privacy & Data Rates with BT 4.2

Cypress Semiconductor’s easy-to-use PSoC® 4 BLE Programmable System-on-Chip and PRoC™ BLE Programmable Radio-on-Chip solutions are the world’s first to achieve full featured Bluetooth 4.2 qualification.

PRoC BLE is a low-power Bluetooth Smart microcontroller with industry-leading CapSense®capacitive touch-sensing functionality, while PSoC 4 BLE offers expanded design flexibility by adding intelligent analog and programmable digital blocks that enable simplified integration with sensors and actuators. Both solutions integrate a Bluetooth Smart radio, a high-performance 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M0 core with ultra-low-power modes, 256KB flash memory, 32KB of SRAM, direct memory access (DMA) capability, 36 GPIOs, and customizable serial communication blocks, timers and counters.

Cypress has simplified the Bluetooth Low Energy protocol stack and profile configuration into a new royalty-free, GUI-based BLE Component—a free embedded IC within PSoC represented by an icon—that can be dragged and dropped into designs using Cypress’s PSoC Creator™ integrated design environment (IDE). 

Features & Benefits

  • Data-Length ExtensionA maximum data rate of 800 Kbps, 2.6 times faster than Bluetooth 4.1. This is made possible by increasing the payload from 27 bytes to 251 bytes. Payload is the actual data contained in a packet excluding all overhead added for transmission purposes
  • LE PrivacyUpgraded privacy that allows a user to designate trusted transmission sources and prevent tracking. Privacy is enhanced by moving the private address generation and resolution to Link Layer from Host as in BT 4.1. The Resolvable Private Address (RPA) can be changed now every 1 sec vs once in 15 mins as in BT 4.1- thereby making it more private.
  • LE Secure Connections Enhanced user security during connection setup to avoid eavesdropping and Man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks. This feature uses Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) compliant Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman (ECDH) for Long-Term Key (LTK) generation and key exchange. This enables two BLE devices to establish a shared secret that does NOT need to be exchanged over-the-air. This secret DH-keys are used to derive the keys used for all future data communication encryptions. Since the keys won’t be exchanged over the Air – it increases protection against passive eavesdropping

With the new enhanced features of Bluetooth 4.2 makes it an ideal solution for wireless Internet of Things (IoT) applications such as - multi-channel audio transmissions, fast Over-the-Air (OTA) Firmware Upgrades, privacy for medical and wearable devices, secure locks and secure payments.