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e2v PC7448

e2v PC7448 bringing advanced processing power to space systems

e2v, the Freescale approved semiconductor vendor since 1981, has developed a family of powerful processors for space applications which bring 10x more processing power compared to traditionally flown space processors.  Starting with the PC7448, a popular PowerPC processor that is widely used in avionics and industrial applications, e2v offers a space version that is built with QCI and screening flow in compliance with QML class Y. The part is built on 90nm SOI technology.

This will be followed closely by the PC8548, another popular PowerPC device with a large choice of I/Os.  e2v will keep increasing its portfolio of powerful microprocessors available to the space industry.   Creation of new space qualified microprocessors is a sub-24 months process at e2v which allows for fast introduction of new processor generations into the space market.

Users of these processors in the space industry also benefit from the wide industrial adoption of the Freescale processor platforms.   In addition, despite the increase of system processing power, fast application development cycles are made possible thanks to the broad choice of Freescale qualified service providers, vendors of real time operating systems, hardware and software design tools.   Also the increase of processing power by factors greater than 10 compared to traditional space processors opens ways for new forms of space born embedded processing concepts that were not possible before.

e2v has been a leading contributor to the new QML Class Y standard and is also contributing actively into the development of European standards and technologies for flip-chip semiconductor devices. A growing number of manufacturers of space computing platforms have already engaged with e2v.

To find out more about how this could work for your projects, call your local Avnet Silica contact to arrange a private meeting with e2v in your office, or at Electronica 2014 in Munich.   Details of the e2v screening flow and possibilities to adapt it to the needs of your programmes can be discussed in detail.


The e2v processors bring new levels of processing power in space systems that are useful to any applications needing to run complex algorithms and large data processing tasks at GHz frequencies.
While traditionally flown space processors operate around 100MHz, the e2v processors are clocked at 1.25GHz and higher. Products such as PC7448 feature the popular Freescale Altivec vectorial computation engine, as well as a wide range of interfaces.
Built in Europe according to a QML Class Y compliant flow.

Target Applications

Target applications include on-board computing for real-time image processing, image compression, image recognition, telecommunication, weather satellite, SAR radar earth observation.