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Infineon ICL8201

ICL8201 - AC/DC Buck Controller with high Power Factor for LEDs

The ICL8201 is a cascode structure current mode controller for non-isolated floating buck topologies. The cascode topology enables lower system cost and higher system efficiency.

Lower system cost:

  • No auxiliary winding is required to power the IC
  • No high voltage start up depletion Mosfet is required, fast time to light can be achieved inherently with cascode topology

Higher system efficiency & reliability:

  • No start up resistor is required that would cause significant losses during the entire operation. These losses can be eliminated by using the cascode topology which increases the system efficiency and lifetime.

ICL8201 can provide up to 500mA output current that can cover the entire power range for LED tubes. The device is tailored for LED tube applications and provides constant current operation with low output ripple in a real universal input voltage range as well as load compensation for a wide output voltage range.

Features & Benefits

  • Cascode topology enables lower system cost and higher system efficiency
  • „„Supports wide range AC or DC input
  • „„Power factor > 90 %, THD < 20 %
  • „„Line/load regulation capabilities ±5%
  • „„LED output current up to 500 mA
  • „„Minimum external components supporting small form factors and easy design-in
  • „„IC concept supports single inductors without aux winding
  • „„Advanced cascode topology eliminating the need for a HV cell at universal input from 90–305 VAC
  • „„Full set of protection modes including intelligent Over-Temperature Protection


  • T8 lamp
  • „„GU10 lamp
  • „„A-lamp
  • „„Downlights

Block Diagram