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Infineon IRS2982S

Infineon IRS2982S - LED / SMPS Multimode Flyback Control IC

Infineon’s latest Multimode Flyback Controller IC for LED lighting, the IRS2982S is targeting mid-range to high-end LED Drivers for outdoor, interior, office and industrial lightings. Its integrated startup cell together with CrCM, DCM and burst mode optimize overall efficiency from standby to 100 percent while keeping time to light less than 0.5 second and minimum use of external components.

The benefits of the high voltage startup cell are:

  • Fast time to light < 0.5 s while maintaining > 90 percent efficiency
  • Eliminate external components for voltage dividing
  • CrCM/DCM/Burst modes enables wide range operation from standby to 100 percent
  • Key application is isolated flyback with CV mode and also capable of non-isolated flyback with CC/CV mode


  • High voltage fast startup
  • Voltage mode control
  • Critical-conduction / transition mode operation
  • Constant voltage / current regulation
  • Minimum off time (DCM at light load)
  • Burst mode operation at very light load
  • Open load over voltage protection
  • Micro-power startup (50μA)
  • Low quiescent current
  • Latch immunity and ESD protection
  • Noise immunity


  • LED Drivers
  • Power Supplies

Block Diagram