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Infineon Integrated Motor Control ICs

Looking for an easy and cost-efficient solution for motor control?

Novalith IC Packag (Inside Plain)With innovative products Infineon supports you to overcome today’s biggest design challenges such as cost and space limitations or harsh environments. 

Integrated solutions like Infineon’s H-Bridge IFX9201 or the half-bridge NovalithIC™ increase the robustness and reliability of systems. You can create compact designs, reduce power losses and increase your system’s efficiency.



  Product SP OPN
Single Half Bridges BTN8982 SP001054216 BTN8982TAAUMA1
  BTN8962 SP001054232 BTN8962TAAUMA1
Multi Half Bridges TLE84106EL SP000619116 TLE84106ELXUMA1
  TLE84110EL SP000670380 TLE84110ELXUMA1
H Bridge IFX9201SG SP001281886 IFX9201SGAUMA1
  BTM7752G SP000267008 BTM7752GXUMA1
Stepper Driver TLE4726G SP000306733 TLE4726GXUMA1


H-Bridge IFX9201

IFX9201SG is a general purpose 6 A H-bridge designed for the control of small DC motors and inductive loads. The outputs can be pulse width modulated at frequencies up to 20 kHz – that enables operation above the human sonic range – by means of PWM/DIR control. While the signal at the DIR input defines the direction of the DC motor, the PWM signal controls the duty cycle. For load currents above the current limitation threshold (6 A min) the H-Bridge switches into chopper current limitation mode.

Key features and benefits of the IFX9201

  • Up to nominal 36 V supply voltage
  • Short circuit, over-temperature protection and undervoltage shutdown
  • Detailed SPI diagnosis or simple error flag
  • Simple design with few external components
  • Small and robust PG-DSO-12-17 package
Key application
  • DC motor control for industrial applications
  • Home and building automation
  • Power tools battery management
  • Industrial robotic applications
  • Electric toys

DC Motor Control Shield with BTN8982TA for Arduino

The DC Motor Control Shield is capable of driving two uni-directional DC motors (half-bridge configuration) or one bi-directional DC motor (H-Bridge configuration). The implemented half-bridge NovalithIC™ BTN8982TA can be controlled by a PWM via the IN Pin. Interfacing to a microcontroller is made easy by the integrated driver IC which features logic level inputs, diagnosis with current sense, slew rate adjustment, dead time generation and protection against overtemperature, undervoltage, overcurrent and short circuit.
DC Motor Control (top view)
The integrated half-bridge NovalithIC™ provides a complete low-ohmic protected half-bridge in a single D2PAK (TO263-7) package. It can be combined with additional NovalithICs to create a 2-phase or 3-phase motor control solution.


  • Compatible with Arduino Uno R3 and XMC1100 Boot Kit
  • Capable of high frequency PWM, e.g. 30 kHz
  • Adjustable slew rates for optimized EMI by changing external resistor
  • Driver circuit with logic level inputs
  • Diagnosis with current sense

Operating Conditions

  • Brushed DC motor control up to 250 W continuous load
  • 8–18 V nominal input voltage (max. 6–40 V)
  • Average motor current 30 A restricted due to PCB (BTN8982TA current limitation @ 55 A min.)

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