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Infineon OptiMOS 5

OptiMOS 5 80V and 100V - Industry Leading Technology for Telecom Applications

OptiMOS 5 80V and 100V Power MOSFETs are especially designed for Synchronous Rectification for Telecom and Server Power Supplies.

In addition, these devices can also be utilized in other industrial applications such as Solar, Low Voltage Drives and Adapter.

Within seven different packages, the new OptiMOS 5 80V and 100V MOSFETs offer the industry’s lowest RDS(on). One of the biggest contributors to this industry leading FOM is the low on state resistance with a value as low as 2.7mΩ in the SuperSO8 package, providing the highest level of power density and efficiency.

Key Features

  • Optimized for Synchronous Rectification
  • Ideal for high switching frequency
  • Output capacitance reduction of up to 44%
  • RDS(on) reduction of up to 43% from previous generation
  • Reduced switching and conduction losses
  • Increased power density & system efficiency
    • Lower RDS(on), gate charge and output charge
    • Improved thermal behavior
    • Reduced need for paralleling
  • Low voltage overshoot
  • Design flexibility
    • Broad packaging and drain current
    • RDS(on) combinations in a wide range of voltage classes
    • Interchange devices while maintaining footprint


  • Telecom
  • Server
  • Solar
  • Low Voltage Drives
  • Adapter