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Lumileds Luxeon XF-3014 CV

Lumileds LUXEON XF-3014 CV

LUXEON XF-3014 CV is for constant voltage driven applications that require a flexible design capable of maintaining uniform light distribution over long lengths. These current regulated flexible strips come in variable length options and are either cuttable or include snap-together connectors for precision design. Designed for ease of system integration, faster time to market and best-in-class reliability, LUXEON XF-3014 CV is available in the following configurations:

  • 6 LEDs per segment cuttable every 96mm
  • 6 LEDs, 96mm segments with connectors
  • 30 LEDs, 480mm segments with connectors

Features & Benefits

  • 112 lumens per 96mm segment with 105 lm/W efficacy at 24V, Tj=50°C
  • 2700, 3000 and 4000K CCT offerings with 80CRI
  • <2% light output attenuation over 10m length
  • Backside adhesive for attachment to heat sink allows for ease of mounting and assembly
  • Complete integrated solution guarantees simplified supply chain and faster time to market
  • 5 year limited warranty