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Microsemi ZL70550

Microsemi ZL70550 Ultra-Low-Power Sub-GHz RF Transceiver

Microsemi’s ZL70550 RF transceiver is the lowest-power sub GHz radio for high-or low-duty-cycle, wireless-sensor applications. The device is optimized for very low power consumption in both active and sleep modes, making it the leading choice for sensor networks that are powered by a coin-cell battery or an energy harvesting power source.

A highly integrated solution that requires, in addition to the antenna, only a crystal, two decoupling capacitors, and a resistor.

The device includes the Z-Star protocol, which is a powerful and highly optimized MAC that performs complete packet transmissions with acknowledgments and automatic retransmissions on failed receptions. This built-in protocol eliminates the need for processor intervention in packet processing, allowing the processor to go to a power-save state or to perform other critical application. Additionally, the MAC supports other user modes of operation with selectable options like CRC, FEC, and auto length.


  • Ultralow current of 2.4 mA in receive and 2.75 mA in transmit
  • Ultralow sleep current of 10 nA
  • Maximum TX output power of 0 dBm / Maximum RX sensitivity of −106 dBm
  • Wide supply range of 1.71 V to 3.6 V
  • Operates between 779 MHz and 965 MHz
  • Raw data rates of 200 kbit/s, 100 kbit/s, or 50 kbit/s
  • Very small footprint - Available in 29-pin CSP package (2 mm by 3 mm)
  • Industrial temperature range (−40°C to 85°C)


  • Medical monitoring
  • Industrial/building/home automation
  • Security
  • Smart cities
  • Advanced metering infrastructure
  • Asset management
  • Energy harvesting
  • Voice/compressed-audio communications

Block Diagram