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Nordic Semiconductor nRF52 Preview DK

nRF52 Preview DK

The nRF52 Preview DK is a stand-alone development board for developing Bluetooth® Smart (formerly known as Bluetooth low energy), ANT, or 2.4GHz proprietary applications. The kit is ideal for rapid prototyping and development with the nRF52 Preview device. The board is Arduino Uno pin compatible which allows 3rd party Arduino Uno compatible shields to be connected to the board.

Connector pins for all device I/O and interfaces are available on the development board. There are 4 x LEDs and 4 x buttons that are user-programmable, and the board also features a coin-cell battery holder for development evaluation and test in various situations. There is a dedicated connector for the external NFC antenna used for the NFC-A tag emulation. The nRF52 Preview DK board is supported by Nordic Semiconductor Soft-Devices.

The kit is supported by the nRF52 SDK which contains numerous ready-to-use examples for Bluetooth Smart, ANT, and 2.4GHz proprietary applications. The kit is compatible with the standard Nordic tool-chain using Keil, IAR, and GCC.


  • Description/Function - Dev kit for nRF52 Series devices. Supports Bluetooth Smart, ANT, 2.4GHz proprietary, and the Arduino Uno Rev 3 connector standard.
  • Product Category - RF (multiprotocol)
  • RoHS - No (NFC Antenna is not RoHS, remaining of kit is RoHS)
  • Frequency - 2.4GHz
  • Interfaces - SPI/UART/2-wire
  • Operating supply voltage - 1.7V - 3.6V
  • Antenna connector type - PCB antenna for 2.4GHz radio/External NFC antenna
  • Core - Cortex-M4F
  • Data Bus Width - 32 bits
  • Supporting OTA-DFU - Yes
  • Program/Debug - Segger J-Link OB
  • Content - 1 x nRF52 Preview DK board, 1 x 2032 battery, 1 x NFC antenna