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NXP i.MX 6ULL Applications Processor

The i.MX 6ULL is a power-efficient, cost-optimized processor family with featuring NXP’s advanced implementation of the single ARM® Cortex®-A7 core, which operates at speeds of up to 528 MHz. i.MX 6ULL includes integrated power management module that reduces the complexity of external power supply and simplifies the power sequencing. Each processor in this family provides various memory interfaces, including LPDDR2, DDR3, DDR3L, Raw and Managed NAND flash, NOR flash, eMMC, Quad SPI, and a wide range of other interfaces for connecting peripherals, such as WLAN, Bluetooth™, GPS, displays, and camera sensors.

The i.MX 6 series of applications processors is a feature- and performance-scalable multicore platform that includes single-, dual- and quad-core families based on the ARM® Cortex® architecture, including the Cortex-A9 core, combined Cortex-A9 + Cortex-M4 cores and Cortex-A7-based solutions up to 1.2 GHz.

Features & Benefits

  • Power efficient
    • Lowest power ARM® Cortex®-A7-based processor in the market 
    • 9x9 and 14x14 MAPBGA for low power and space constrained applications
    • Flexible boot options
  • Cost effective
    • Starting at $3.50 USD in 10K unit quantities
  • Easy to use
    • Powered by Linux
    • Supported by i.MX 6ULL Evaluation Kit
    • Integrated power management module reduces complexity of external power supply and simplifies power sequencing
  • Compatible and Scalable 
    • An integrated part of industry’s broadest and most scalable Application processor family
    • SW compatible to broad i.MX 6 series, SW and Pin to pin compatible with i.MX 6UltraLite

Target Applications

  • Telematics
  • Audio playback
  • Connected devices
  • IoT Gateway
  • Access control panels
  • Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)
  • Portable medical and healthcare
  • IP phones
  • Smart appliances

Evaluation Kit Based on i.MX 6ULL

This EVK enables an LCD display and audio playback as well as many connectivity options. It is designed to showcase the most commonly used features of the processor in a small, low-cost package and to facilitate software development with the ultimate goal of faster tim-to-market through the support of the Linux operating system.
A MicroSD with pre-programmed Linux BSP is included in all i.MX 6ULL EVK.

Kit Features

  • Kit Features
    • CPU Board
    • i.MX 6ULL applications processor
    • Discrete power management
    • Memory: 4 GB DDR3L SDRAM, 400 MHz; 256 MB Quad SPI flash
    • MicroSD connector
    • Footprint for eMMC and NAND flash
    • Low cost 2-Layer PCB
  • Base Board
    • Enables LCD display and audio playback
    • Many connectivity options
    • Parallel camera connector
    • Sensors: eCompass, accelerometer, footprint for gyroscope
    • Low cost 2-Layer PCB

i.MX 6ULL Evaluation Kit

Enables an LCD display and audio playback as well as many connectivity options.

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