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NXP NT3H2x11 NTAG I2C Plus - Family of Connected NFC Tags

NT3H2111/NT3H2211 - Designed to be the perfect enabler for NFC in home-automation and consumer applications, this feature-packed, next-generation connected NFC tag is the fastest, most BoM optimized way to add tap-and-go connectivity to just about any electronic device. NXP NTAG I2C plus is a family of connected NFC tags that combine a passive NFC interface with a contact I2C interface. The second generation of NXP’s industry-leading connected-tag technology is full backward compatibility with first-generation NTAG I2C products, while adding new, advanced features for password protection, full memory-access configuration from both interfaces, an originality signature for protection against cloning, four times higher pass-through performance, along with the energy harvesting capabilities.

NT3H2111/NT3H2211 operates over the −40°C to +105°C industrial temperature range and is available in XQFN8, TSSOP8, SO8 packages and FFC bumped (Wafer).


  • Full interoperability with every NFC-enabled device
  • Smooth end-user experience with super-fast data exchange via NFC and I2C interface
  • Zero-power operation with non-volatile data storage
  • Lowest bill of materials and smallest footprint for NFC solution
  • Data protection to prevent unauthorized data manipulation
  • Multi-application support, enabled by memory size and segmentation options


  • IoT nodes (home automation, smart home, etc.)
  • Pairing and configuration in consumer applications
  • NFC accessories (headsets, speakers, etc.)
  • Wearable infotainment; Fitness equipment; Consumer electronics
  • Healthcare
  • Smart printers
  • Meters
  • Electronic shelf labels

OM5569-NT322E: NTAG I²C plus Explorer Kit

Contactless and contact system