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NXP PN5180

NXP Semiconductors PN5180 - High-Performance, Full NFC Forum-Compliant Frontend

Offering high output power, Dynamic Power Control (DPC), multiple power-saving features, this advanced, multi-protocol NFC frontend delivers efficient, robust, and reliable operation, even in harsh conditions. The PN5180 is supported by advanced design tools that make it easier than ever to develop and finalize a design. OM25180FDK is a flexible and easy to use frontend development kit for PN5180, It contains a PNEV5180B board with different antennas and antenna matching PCBs as well as an NFC sample card samples in HVQFN package.

Development is further supported by the NFC Cockpit, an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), streamlines development by separating the tasks associated with hardware and software. For example, it supports software-independent tuning of the antenna’s register settings, so hardware designers can optimize antenna parameters while software designers work on other aspects of the system.


  • Full compliance with all standards relevant to NFC, contactless operation and EMVCo
  • Best RF performance
  • Onboard Dynamic Power Control (DPC) for optimized RF performance, even under detuned conditions
  • Low-power card detection minimizes current consumption during polling
  • Active load modulation supports smaller antenna with Card Emulation Mode
  • Small, industry-standard packages
  • NFC Cockpit GUI: software-independent register settings
  • Development kit with 32-bit NXP LPC1769 MCU and antenna
  • NFC Reader Library with source code ready for EMVCo L1 and NFC Forum compliance
  • Full interoperability with the latest NFC devices
  • Standard and proprietary implementations


  • Physical-access readers
  • eGov readers
  • Industrial readers
  • High-performance readers
  • Payment terminals

Block Diagram