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ON Semiconductor Power Solutions

ON Semiconductor Power Solutions

Power management is the key to efficient solutions. ON Semiconductor offers easy to implement power products meeting the increasing complexity of requirements.
Overall efficiency means optimized development process, outstanding electrical performance at an attractive cost. ON Semiconductor provides you with the tools and the products for a successful short time to market launch of your application.
ON Semiconductor and Silica are the strong partners at your side offering convincing power solutions. So get on board and accelerate!

ON Semiconductor Solutions for Power Management

ON Semiconductor can provide power management solutions that enable quick deployment of cost- effective power supplies that meet all of the relevant specifications and efficiency standards, worldwide. Beside a rich line-up of discrete components a full set of highly integrated products like:

  • AC/DC Controller
  • DC/DC Controller
  • Power Factor Controller
  • Current-Mode Controller for LED Lighting
  • Voltage Regulators with system functions integrated have been developed to solve your challenges in many areas for efficiency enhancement

ON Semiconductor Ultra High Voltage MOSFET

The ultra high voltages MOSFET's with low on resistance and high speed switching, contributes to low power consumption and high efficiency of the industrial equipment-related applications which require HV power supplies.

Key Features:

  • 1500 / 1700 Volt
  • Low ON-resistance
  • Low input capacitance
  • Ultrahigh-speed switching

ON Semiconductor Intelligent Power Modules

State of the art module technology for compact motor control. The highly integrated three-phase intelligent power modules (IPM), capable of driving from 10A to 50A of output load are ideally suited for Consumer and Industrial Motor control. Manufactured with the revolutionary Insulated Metal Substrate Technology (IMST), these drivers exhibit high thermal performance, low noise and very high reliability, all in a small, space saving footprint. All of the IPMs feature gate drivers, thermal and over current sense, under voltage detection, bootstrap diodes, and direct control by MCU via CMOS input level.

Key Features:

  • Insulated Metal Substrate Technology
  • High integration, high reliability, low noise
  • Discrete components integrated
  • Space saving packaging
  • Output load from 10A to 50A
  • Optional with integrated PFC

ON Semiconductor IGBT

State of the art in IGBT Technology tailored for many different applications. ON Semiconductor's high performance Field-Stop-2 IGBT portfolio expands current ratings and delivers efficient, high-speed switching capabilities for power applications. All devices feature optimized switching and reduced conduction losses for induction heating and soft switching applications operating at medium frequencies between 15 and 30 kHz. With excellent ruggedness and superior on-state characteristics at high currents, these devices are optimized based on system requirements to enable higher efficiency and lower system losses.