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Renesas RX231

RX231 - Best Mix of High Performance & Low Power Consumption

The Rx231 is an ideal device for a wide variety of applications that require the combination of powerful CPU, large on chip memory and 5V operation, and of course low power consumption. It also adds many new peripherals such as CAN and USB interfaces to the Rx200 specification. The Rx231 is pin compatible with the Rx210, and so existing designs can easily be migrated to this device.

A Renesas Starter Kit (RSK) is available. (order code: R0K505231C010BR)

Features and Benefits

  • High performance RX-v2 core (54 MHz, 4.16 Coremark/MHz) with enhanced DSP/FPU
  • Low power consumption technology (0.12 mA/MHz), 0.8 µA standby current while retaining RAM
  • 64 – 512 kBytes Flash
  • Up to 64 kBytes SRAM
  • 1.8 – 5.5 V operation with Vbat support
  • Various communication functions that help equip devices for IoT are built in (various communication USB/CAN/SDHI, highly-reliable touch key)
  • Easily to realize touch interfaces that can be used in wet environments as well
  • High level security (TSIP-Lite, AES, MPU, chip unique ID)
  • Huge range of versions and package options


  • Industrial, HEV and renewable energy inverters
  • AC, Brushless, and DC motor controls and drives
  • Variable speed motor control in consumer white goods
  • Isolated switch mode and UPS power supplies


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