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Renesas RZ/A

RZ/A - ARM Cortex-A9 based MPU for Graphic and Human Machine Interfaces

The RZ/A1 Series is a new product based on the concept of the SH7260 Series with built-in peripheral functions for display and audio, that employs as its CPU an ARM Cortex-A9 for superior throughput processing performance.

The SH7260 Series is widely used in embedded devices such as automotive and industrial equipment with digital audio or liquid crystal display (LCD) panels. In addition to the increasing capabilities of such systems and the resolution of LCD panels, recently the use of systems that display information on LCD panels is also increasing in areas such as office equipment, home appliances, game and amusement devices, and medical and security. These systems have diverse display requirements, such as smooth zooming of 2D graphics and touch screen capability, so there is a strong demand for support for WXGA display, higher CPU speed, enhanced 2D graphics functions, and so on. The RZ/A1 Series meets these demands by providing vastly improved functions and capabilities compared to the previous SH7260 Series products.

Key Features

  • Large-capacity on-chip RAM up to 10 MB
  • Integrated WXGA 2D graphics using a single chip
  • ARM® Cortex™-A9 400 MHz
  • Use the ARM ecosystem


  • Home appliances
  • Audio
  • Industry/Medical
  • Automotive

Functional Diagram