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Sandisk SD Cards

SanDisk High Endurance Industrial SD Cards / uSD Cards

Sandisk introduces second generation Industrial cards featuring high endurance, improved power drop immunity, health monitoring, extended temperature and longer lifecycle. Through vertical integration SanDisk builds reliable storage products for the Industrial IoT markets.

The new SD card offers a new suite of smart features. These include enhanced power failure protection, a memory health status monitor, OEM customization capabilities, and enhancements for read-intensive applications, such as navigation. With these features, automotive manufacturers can designate and program a SanDisk Automotive SD card for use exclusively with a specific connected application. Manufacturers can also remotely and proactively monitor the easily removable SD card to ensure that it is operating at its ideal performance level or to identify when card upgrades or replacements are needed.


  • High-Endurance NAND technology
  • Health Status Register (reporting the % of P/E cycles used)
  • Custom ID OTP programmable string, for additional customization of OEM end-products
  • Enhanced power immunity against sudden power-loss events.
  • Read refresh: content is refreshed when the device is powered.
  • Host lock feature: user-programmable password to protect the content of the card from non-authorized access.


  • Security surveillance cameras
  • Access control cameras
  • Action cameras
  • Image recognition
  • Video applications
  • Any sensor-oriented application recording a data ring-buffer
  • Industrial controllers
  • Smart metering
  • Internet of things applications
  • Highly-reliable storage applications
  • Infotainment systems