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Semtech TS3001X

Semtech TS30011/2/3: High Efficiency 1/2/3 A Current-Mode Synchronous Buck DC/DC Converter

The TS30011/2/3 (1/2/3 A) is a DC/DC synchronous switching regulator with fully integrated power switches, internal compensation, and full fault protection. The switching frequency of 1MHz enables the use of small filter components resulting in minimal board space and reduced BOM costs.
The TS30011/12/13 utilizes current mode feedback in normal regulation PWM mode. When the regulator is placed in standby (EN is low), the device draws less than 10uA quiescent current. The TS30011/12/13 integrates a wide range of protection circuitry including input supply under-voltage lockout, output voltage soft start, current limit, and thermal shutdown. The TS30011/12/13 includes supervisory reporting through the PG (Power Good) open drain output to interface other components in the system.


  • Fixed output voltage choices: 1.5V, 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V, and adjustable
  • Wide input voltage range 4.5V to 24V
  • High efficiency – up to 95%
  • Current mode PWM control with PFM mode for improved light load efficiency
  • Voltage supervisor for VOUT reported at the PG pin
  • Input supply under voltage lockout
  • Full protection for over-current, over-temperature, and VOUT over-voltage
  • Less than 10uA in standby mode
  • Low external component count


  • On-card switching regulators
  • Set-top box, DVD, LCD, LED supply
  • Industrial power supplies

Block Diagram