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STMicroelectronics Power Solutions

STMicroelectronics and Avnet Silica offer Smart and Efficient Power Solutions

STMicroelectronics’ power management devices enable energy-saving, high-power-density and lower standby-power design solutions. The extensive power product portfolio from STMicroelectronics includes highly-integrated AC-DC converters, switching DC-DC converters, linear voltage regulators, battery management ICs, LED drivers, MOSFET and IGBT and rectifiers.

Together with STMicroelectronics as premier power partner, SILICA provides a revolutionary approach to technical support for every aspect of your design. Power ‘n More is SILICA’s solution to fulfil the escalating demand for professional development support in power electronics and power supply design – both at system and product level.

Smart semiconductor adaption leads to significant energy saving. STMicroelectronics continuously introduces industry leading smart power products. ST’s MOSFET portfolio offers a broad range of breakdown voltages from -500...1500 V, with low gate charge and low on-resistance, combined with state-of-the art packages. STMicroelectronics’ process technology has enhanced power handling capability, resulting in high-efficiency solutions.

High Voltage MOSFETs: Outstanding Price/Performance Trade-Off

The MDmesh II Plus Low Qg series is a 500...700 V MOSFET family, ideal for resonant-type power supplies (LLC converters), supporting as well hard switching topologies such as PFC, TTF or flyback. A significant reduction of the switching losses results from a very low gate charge (Qg) combined with an excellent output capacitance (Coss) profile. Increased reliability is ensured by high dv/dt ruggedness (50 V/ns), to sustain large voltage transients such as noise and harmonics on AC power lines.

Very High Voltage MOSFETs up to 1200 V

The SuperMESH 5 MOSFET series represents the industry’s first superjunction MOSFET capable of withstanding peak voltages up to 950 V. The portfolio also includes 800 V, 850 V and 900 V devices and offers the best-in-class figure of merit. This enables to meet
the stricter power and efficiency targets set by eco-design standards targeting green-energy applications such as solar micro-generators and charging points for electric vehicles.

Trench-Gate Field-Stop IGBTs: Ideal Companion for Mid to High Range Switching Frequency Converters

The new V series 600 V & HB series 650 V are based on a proprietary trench-gate field-stop structure (TGFS) that ensures a very fast and tight response at turn off. Reduced die thickness enhances the transistor’s thermal performance up to Tj = 175 °C increasing reliability and simplifying the design of thermal management. Tight control over parameters combined with a positive VCE(sat) derating enables easy and safe paralleling of multiple IGBTs for higher power requirements.



The powerSTEP01 is a system-in-package integrating 8 N-channel 16 mΩ MOSFETs for stepper applications up to 85 V with a SPI programmable controller.

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