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STMicroelectronics powerSTEP01

powerSTEP01 - System-in-Package Microstepping Controller + 10 A MOSFETs

The powerSTEP01 is a a system-in-package integrating 8 N-channel 16 mΩ MOSFETs for stepper applications up to 85 V with a SPI programmable controller, providing fully digital control of the motion through a speed profile generation and positioning calculations. It integrates a dual low RDS(on) full bridge with embedded non dissipation over current protection.

The device can operate with both voltage mode driving and advanced current control fitting different application needs. The digital control core can generate user defined motion profiles with acceleration, deceleration, speed or a target position easily programmed through a dedicated register set.

All application commands and data registers, including those used to set analog values (i.e. current protection trip point, dead time, PWM frequency, etc.) are sent through a standard 5-Mbit/s SPI. A very rich set of protections (thermal, low bus voltage, over current and motor stall) make the powerSTEP01 “bullet proof”, as required by the most demanding motor control applications.

Key Features

  • Power system-in-package integrating a programmable micro stepping controller and 8 N-channel power MOSFETs
  • Operating voltage: 7.5 V to 85 V
  • Dual full bridge with RDS(on) = 16 mΩ
  • 10 Arms maximum output current
  • Adjustable output slew rate
  • Programmable speed profile
  • Up to 1/128 micro stepping
  • Sensor less stall detection
  • Integrated voltage regulators
  • SPI interface


  • High power bipolar stepper motor:
    • Stage lighting
    • Surveillance systems
    • Textile and sewing machines
    • Pick and place machines