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Dialog Semiconductor Smartbond™ DA14586

COMING SOON: SmartBond™ DA14586 – Smallest, lowest power and most integrated Bluetooth 5 SoC with integrated Flash

DA14586The DA14586 offers designers all the benefits of the industry-leading SmartBond™ DA14580 but with even greater flexibility to create more advanced applications from the smallest footprints and power budgets.

As part of the Dialog SmartBond family, the DA14586 is the smallest, lowest power and most integrated Bluetooth® solution available. This versatile SoC is ideal for adding Bluetooth low energy to products like remote controls, proximity tags, beacons, connected medical devices and smart home nodes. It supports all Bluetooth developments up to and including Bluetooth 5 and Bluetooth low energy Mesh. Plus, with 2 Mb of Flash memory and 96 kB of RAM, the DA14586 has double the memory for user applications of its predecessor to take full advantage of the standard’s features. It also includes an integrated microphone interface for voice support at low additional cost.

Like all SmartBond solutions, the DA14586 is easy to design-in and supports standalone as well as hosted applications. It is supported by a complete development environment and Dialog’s SmartSnippets™ software that helps you optimize your software for power consumption.

For highly cost sensitive applications, the family also offers the SmartBond DA14585 with integrated One-Time-Programmable memory as an alternative to Flash memory.

  • Complies to Bluetooth 5 core specification
  • Extended user RAM (96 kB)
  • Wide operating range (0.9 V to 3.6 V)
  • I2S and PDM audio interfaces


  • Remote controls
  • Proximity tags and trackers
  • Beacons
  • Connected medical devices
  • Smart home
  • Human Interface Devices
  • VR controllers
  • Connected sensors
  • Wireless charging

Block Diagram

Dialog Semiconductor DA14586 Block Diagram
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