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Quality Information

As a distributor the quality of our service level is of major importance for our customers:

An up-to-date quality management system and its daily application and practical adaptation helps us to achieve your satisfaction. Our main goal is the maintenance of consistent, 1st class products and service. This is carried out through high-quality standards in each stage of the lifecycle of our products.

Certified for consistency

Avnet EM in Europe operates Quality Management Systems in accordance with ISO 9001, EN9120 and ISO 14001. These systems cover core business activities such as Logistics, Value Added Services and Assets Management, which are carried from our specific Avnet EM locations across Europe.  
Our corporate service provider for Logistics and Product Modification, Avnet Logistics GmbH works to the highest, internationally recognised standards which are available to distributors of electronic components.

Quality you can count on

Continuous third-party audits by electronic component suppliers, customers and certification bodies ensure high level services and strong reliability. Properly utilised, our quality systems support:

  • the assurance that the handling of electronic components meet the requirements of buyer-seller specifications by means of Total Quality Management 
  • customers cost saving targets by building bottom-line profitability and minimised investments in accordance with the automotive industry‘s requirements
  • enhanced customer satisfaction ensuring continuous improvement processes.

These standards enable Avnet to help to open doors to the most comprehensive and challenging industries like:

  • aviation and aerospace 
  • automotive and naval
  • telecommunications 
  • military 
  • medical equipment 
  • security systems 

Please find the Quality Information Sheet here!