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Supply Chain Services

Avnet Silica has a team of Supply Chain Specialists to work with you to provide logistics solutions tailored to your requirements.

Maximise your supply chain and keep your products in the market longer, without disrupting production or supplies with Avnet’s comprehensive supply chain portfolio and global scale.


Contact our supply chain specialists at Avnet United to get the best support for your supply chain needs.

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Assessment & Planning

Understanding your supply chain is vital to enabling success. Avnet specialists analyse every aspect of a customer’s operation; defining its requirements and identifying solutions that streamline the supply chain processes.

Logistical Analysis
Avnet specialists use proprietary tools to benchmark operations against best practices in the industry:

Discovery & Logistical analysis process performs in-depth process mapping and analysis of a customer’s material management needs. During this process, Avnet specialists help identify areas in the supply chain management process that can benefit from speed and simplification.

RaBET (Rapid Benefits Estimation Tool) is a software programme that uses specific cost information or industry standards to estimate and compare costs before and after implementation of the Avnet-recommended solutions.

Risk & Time to Market

Planning for new products or integration of new products into your supply chain can be tricky but Avnet will help guide you with our unique insight and services.

Routes to Market

Avnet provides flexible routes-to-market that drive scale and drive efficiencies for companies in their current business models or leverage the advantages of new, unique models.

Risk Mitigation & Assurance of supply

Avnet helps customers meet vital time-to-market goals, keep lead times down and mitigate the risk involved with adding new components into an existing product design. Our valuable insight and access to industry supply chain put us in a very unique position to ensure our customer’s success.


Inventory Management & Warehousing

Avnet offers many services geared toward customers that need options based on production volume, global scale and overall cost. Our core services enable customers flexibility in complex supply chain needs.

Electronic Data Interchange

EDI provides customers with a high level of flexibility, speed, and security in the exchange of frequently used business documents -- while at the same time maintaining low costs.

Field Replacements

Avnet’s FRU (Field Replacement Unit) program enables you to easily order and replace defective products with a unique web based tool to manage it all. Onsite technical support is also available to service units in the field or provide guidance via a dedicated help desk.

InPlant or OutPlant stores

InPlant stores are one facet of the just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing model used by many customers. The stores, located on customer production facilities, are manned by Avnet personnel and stocked with Avnet franchised components used by that customer.

Inventory and Order Visability

Supply Chain Central is a web tool that allows Avnet customers to manage their Avnet supply chain 24x7x365. This tool allows customers to get answers to important questions about their Avnet supply chain in real time, around the clock.

Inventory Replenishment

Avnet’s Point-of-Use Replenishment (POURS) programme is a family of solutions that implements auto-replenishment processes and shares a common user interface. Using POURS software, customers are able to replenish their components pipeline to ensure the continued flow of parts on the manufacturing floor.


Get early warning about components entering the end-of-life phase and other forms of product lifecycle data to help prevent production disruptions when the lifecycle of an end-product continues beyond the lifecycle of its parts.

Vendor Managed Inventory / Consignment

Avnet leverages its global footprint to offer efficient, cost effective solutions to supplier-related OEM & contract manufacturing inventory management needs. Customers can improve their global reach, avoid redundant infrastructure and improve their own customer service while leaving inventory management to Avnet.