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Looking to produce custom products without the costly overhead? Turn to Avnet for custom interconnect specifications, IC programming, laser marking, device modifications and testing.


Custom Packaging Solutions

Avnet can help extend the life of a component once the original package and/or product grade is no longer available by developing an IC using commercially available die placed in custom packages. Through its alliance with custom packaging providers, Avnet works to maintain a steady source of product for you.


Enterprise Custom Packaging

Avnet can customise packaging for large enterprise products like racks and provide custom labeling and branding - learn about all the options available.

Tape & Reel

Avnet Reel provides a customised quantity on a continuous tape, cut from the manufacturer's reel with attached 15-inch leader and trailer, enabling easy setup of automated board assembly. Customers also may request parts on cut tape (non-continuous strips).


Device Programming And Modifications

Shift spending from business-as-usual to enable new capabilities and greater flexibility. Avnet's state-of-the-art Global Programming Centers provide the most advanced programming and related services possible to support your current and future business.


Device Programming

As the leading global programmer of electronic devices, Avnet programmes an average of 300 million devices per year and can scale on demand to meet your evolving needs.

Display Solutions

Avnet offers a complete portfolio of display, peripheral and support accessories from world-class manufacturers and combines them with state of the art integration services to deliver solutions tailored to your application and business model.

Power Supply

Whether a design requires an off the-shelf or a custom solution, Avnet has the inventory, technical expertise and value-add services to meet any design requirement, creating a one-stop shopping experience for customers in need of total power solutions.

Thermal Management

Many sophisticated silicon components cannot function properly without effective heat dissipation. Avnet is one of the world’s largest producers of thermal management products, shipping millions of cooling fans, blowers and heat sinks each year through the Avnet Logistics Solution Center (LSC).


Interconnect Assembly Services

Avnet’s value-added services help customers produce custom products without the costly overhead. When you purchase your products through Avnet, you can turn to us for custom interconnect specifications, IC programming, device modifications and testing. In addition, customers enjoy reliably quick turnaround times and access to deep inventory.

Commercial Interconnect Assembly

​Avnet has invested in robotic automation for part identification, adhesive application, contact insertion and insulator insertion, which is deployed to minimise human error, increase productivity and maintain cost efficiencies.

Mil Aero Interconnect Assembly

Avnet's value-add service track record has been built over 50 years, starting with commercial and military connector assembly and testing. The Avnet LSC is one of the industry's largest producers of high-reliability and military-aerospace interconnect products.